"I want you so much
But I hate your guts”

(via lonelyeyes-x)

This is the point where I’m fucking done. I’ve worked my ass off and dealt with more things than any other person should deal with to be where I’m at. I’m not able to go to school anymore because the US government found that I make too much for them to offer me financial aid. I have a single mom which my father died when I was 17, none of my family has even been to college, and when I asked the school financial aid department if there was any sort of help I could get all they said was, “nope.” So there goes school for me because God knows I can’t afford it out of my pocket. I applied for Samsung being told by my Samsung manager and her other employees I would get $15-$16 an hour, well I was offered $12, which doesn’t offset the hours I would be working so there goes that. This fucking day is literally one of the worst I’ve had in a long time. Fucking done.